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      Dedicated watersports enthusiasts started Malibu, and that makes a difference today in the way we design and build boats, and in the way we listen to our customers and pros.

    • The Malibu Story

      In 1982, six California friends channeled their shared passion for waterskiing into designing and building a new wave of ski boats.

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      Get up to speed on the latest news and events.

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  • Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot

    Every year, Malibu brings a big crew of professional photographers, cinematographers, athletes and people who just love to ride in boats to a beautiful mountain lake. There, we spend two weeks shooting all the assets for our catalogs and website for the year. We’re on the water every day, running every new boat through its paces, photographing and recording their full wake, surf and ski capabilities. The days are long and the work is hard. We’re not complaining -- we also have a lot of fun doing it.

    Cool fact: To get those dramatic aerial and side shots of our boats on the water, we use a drone.

    Behind the scenes

    Mountain Lake photoshoot

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