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      Dedicated watersports enthusiasts started Malibu, and that makes a difference today in the way we design and build boats, and in the way we listen to our customers and pros.

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      In 1982, six California friends channeled their shared passion for waterskiing into designing and building a new wave of ski boats.

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  • Only Malibu
  • Only Malibu

    Malibu Innovations

    In 2012 when Malibu introduced the revolutionary and industry changing Surf Gate™ it was just the beginning of an evolution in design, engineering and innovation. Malibu’s engineering team continued to integrate our surf system into multiple facets of boat design over years to come to create a surf experience like no other.

    Integrated Surf Platform

    Combining an array of Malibu innovations, the ISP starts with performance hulls, quad tank ballast and swim boards tailored to each boat model. From there it builds in several industry-firsts, including the unique and patented Surf Gate that transforms a perfect watersports wake into a surfable and customizable wave.

    Take control and experience the Integrated Surf Platform for yourself.

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    Surf gate

    With the other components of Malibu’s Integrated Surf Platform, Surf Gate creates the most dynamic playground for wake surfing possible. Period. Malibu’s ISP allows hundreds of customization options. No competitor comes close to offering that adjustability range.

    Surf Band

    Welcome to the future: make any wave you want-while you surf it. With the introduction of Malibu’s exclusive, patented Surf Band, the world’s #1 watersports boat changes the game yet again. Just strap the buoyant, hi-viz Surf Band to your wrist and tap its simple, intuitive interface to take command of all aspects of your endless wave, while Command Center alerts let the driver know what you’re up to.

    Power Wedge II

    Deploying the hydraulically actuated Power Wedge II is like adding up to 1,500 pounds of additional wake-creating water displacement. It happens at the tap of the driver’s finger on the Command Center, or the surfer wearing the optional Malibu Surf Band wrist remote can adjust it right from the water.

    Command Center

    Directly ahead of the wheel, the bright, high-resolution 12-inch MaliView touchscreen gives you finger-tap control of the ballast, Power Wedge II, Surf Gate, and navigation, with fast, easy access to customizable rider presets, media controls and a variety of gauge displays.

    EXPLORE the command center

    Power at your fingertips

    The Command Center Makes Controlling Easy

    Our hi-res 12-inch touchscreen gives you touch control of the ballast, Power Wedge II and Surf Gate. The Sport Dash control dial for Surf Gate, Power Wedge II, stereo and speed makes our Command Center the smartest combination of digital interfaces and controls in the industry.

    Control ISP from the Command Center

    The Malibu Integrated Surf Platform (ISP) creates the ultimate watersports experience, and the Command Center makes controlling it easy. It’s the smartest combination of digital interfaces and traditional controls in the category.

    12" Maliview Touchscreen

    You’ll find every major feature on the home screen, accessed through easy-to-navigate menu paths.

    Amp up the Wake with the Power Wedge II

    Adjust the wake for any skill level at the tap of a finger. Watch the boat kick up the perfect wake for getting the big air that riders of all levels love, from beginners to pros.

    Turn the wake into a surf wave with Surf Gate

    For surfing, set the Surf Gate to transform the wake into a wave. Customize wave size, shape and speed on the go, without taking your eyes off the water.

    7" MTC Touchscreen

    Use the seven-inch MTC touchscreen to control the stereo and lights, access GPS maps and operate heater, bilge and blower systems.

    Sport Dash Option

    Malibu offers more control choices, including available steering wheel controls. The wheel rotates around the controls, which remain directly centered and level. Add the optional Sport Dash, and you have an intuitive analog dial to operate the ISP, speed and the stereo.

    G4 Tower

    G4 Tower Malibu's cutting-edge G4 Tower is a torture-tested feat of engineering with thousands of R&D hours behind it, setting a new gold standard for the water sports industry.

    EXPLORE the G4 & G3.5 TOWERS


    G4 Tower

    Thousands of hours of research, development and demanding testing went into our top-of-line G4 tower. Made from aerospace aluminum with an internal honeycomb structure, the G4 delivers the optimal strength-to-weight ratio. It’s three times more rigid than even its premium predecessor.

    Integrated Tower Indicator Lights

    Malibu's G4 Tower Indicator Lights brighten up a wide area off the bow and stern and also serve as flashing indicators for Surf Gate transfer timing.

    P.T.M. Clamping Spinner Board Racks

    These aerospace-grade anodized-aluminum swivel racks are corrosion-resistant and ratchet down with the slightest tug on a single lever, securing any board. Wakeboarding Magazine called these "the best board racks ever".

    G-Force Wet Sounds Speakers

    Wet Sounds Rev 8 and Icon 8 tower speakers feature a Malibu-designed G-Force enclosures with waterproof connectors and optional swivel mounts that deliver clean, detailed sound.

    Integrated Forward Lights

    The G4 illuminates everything you need to see and more, no matter how late you stay out.

    Fold-Down Tower Latch

    The sleek design is fitting for such advanced construction, yet the G4 is also user-friendly, taking less than 30 pounds of force to easily lift, lower and hatch.

    IO vs V-Drive

    Malibu team athlete Brian Grubb walks you through the benefits of a V-Drive compared to an IO. A V-drive delivers safety by keeps the propulsion away from the swim and activity area at the rear of the boat as well as delivering better handling on the water.

    The Malibu Difference

    At Malibu, we do things differently than other boat makers, and it shows in our quality. Ritchie Anderson, our Chief Operationing Officer, gives you the inside story. It’s no secret that Malibu builds the highest-quality boats in the watersports category.

    Inside Malibu

    Inside Malibu

    Digital Mold Making

    Get an inside look at how Malibu uses digital mold making to design hulls for ultra-consistent towboat performance.

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    Inside Malibu

    Surf Expo

    Join us behind the scenes to see how Malibu builds the world’s best towboats.

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