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    • Life without limits

      Dedicated watersports enthusiasts started Malibu, and that makes a difference today in the way we design and build boats, and in the way we listen to our customers and pros.

    • The Malibu Story

      In 1982, six California friends channeled their shared passion for waterskiing into designing and building a new wave of ski boats.

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      Get up to speed on the latest news and events.

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  • Digital Mold Making

    Get an inside look at how Malibu uses digital mold making to design hulls for ultra-consistent towboat performance.

    How does Malibu design the hull shapes that outperform the competition? The “old school” way of hand-shaping one side and then using a jig to create a mirror image just doesn’t cut it anymore. Watch as our engineers transfer a 3-D computer aided design (CAD) rendering directly to a 5-axis cutting machine to make a new hull mold. The process yields unparalleled accuracy and precision and helps us develop, test and perfect new hull designs faster than ever.

    Inside Malibu

    Digital Mold Making

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